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> Changing the language metamodel for simple validated comments is a huge 
> effort for nothing. 
> Clement is good at VM level but not at other level :)

I think there is a misunderstanding :). I do not see any implication to the 
language meta-model in the remark of Clement.

In fact, I expressed exactly the same opinion, that the design of things like 
PythonDoc comes from the fact that those people do not rely on an IDE, so their 
design focuses on the only thing they have: source code. Clement remarked that 
we already have SUnit tests and he suggested that we could just enhance the IDE 
to present them next to the methods. This might actually be less 
straightforward with SUnit because it was not made for preserving links to the 
code, but it can work out of the box with something like GTExamples.


> Stef
> Le 16/9/16 à 14:18, Denis Kudriashov a écrit :
>> 2016-09-16 13:42 GMT+02:00 Clément Bera <bera.clem...@gmail.com>:
>> Why don't you just change nautilus to have two text areas, one with the test 
>> corresponding to the method and the other one with the method's code ? 
>> You're saying:
>> Their values is active documentation that can be automatically validated.
>> That can also be applied to test we've already had with SUnit. If the only 
>> difference you want is to display the test next to the method, then it's an 
>> IDE problem, nothing has to be changed but the IDE.
>> In python they have no other choices than putting tests in comments because 
>> their IDE is a text editor, they cannot create other panes or anything like 
>> that.
>> It is of course true. But Stef suggestion is really much much simpler. It is 
>> just convention how to write examples inside comments. Then tools could work 
>> with them and Nicolai already provide simple extension for Nautilus.
>> We already has a lot of comments with examples inside. Making them 
>> discoverable and testable will be nice. 


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