> To me the fact that it uses a meta-link is purely an implementation artefact, 
> other than for breakpoints, watchpoints, where we annotate
> the AST with actions…
> I only speak about management implementation. The way how registries of 
> breakpoints and watchpoints are maintained and used by tools.
> They all needs some kind of reification of meta information to allow users 
> distinguish between them. 
> Even if we will avoid all these caches/registries, we will still need 
> mechanizm to detect that this given metalink is breakpoint and not watchpoint.
> So I just want to have reusable mechanizm to manage all these kinds of meta 
> information which is driven by metalinks.
> To me "MethodCodeForTest" is just another kind of them. Tools will need to 
> detect them in methods and to distinguish them from breakpoints and others.
I will first do the infrastructure for the breakpoints/watchpoints, then we see 
if it can be generalised.


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