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First of all, what is preferred way to (first time) login into database? I
had the impression that `aDatabaseAccessor login` is sorta low-level, and
one should do `session login` (after all, it is session you get to work
with, not an accessor).

But with Garage SQLite, `session login`, when accessor is not logged, always
fails with "MessageNotUnderstood: GASqlite3Driver>>queryEncoding".

Should one not use `session login` at all, then (when accessor is logged, it
just does nothing, if it isn't, it connects the accessor, but tries to do
some additional work which always fails)?


 From memory this is caused by differences between VisualWorks and Pharo.

Anyway, it is discussed and resolved in:

Doesn't look like solved to me. Anyway, at least I know it is known for year and no-one seemed to see it as a bug.

I think it is one (you cannot just send queryEncoding where no class implements it and be fine, imo).

So what is the state of `session login`? Is it meant to be used, or everyone just took a step down to low-level and uses `accessor login` instead? :-(


Thanks, Herby

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