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2017-08-06 8:05 GMT-03:00 Herby Vojčík<>:
Guillermo Polito wrote:
How did you install garage and glorp? Catalog, configurations? Can you
paste here the installation instructions you followed?

Just adding GarageGlorp as dependency:
                 configuration: 'GarageGlorp' with: [ spec
                         version: #stable;

I presume this is how it should be done?

It is. [1]

In fact, from what I saw, it seems Glorp accumulated its share of technical
debt, drivers came and went, platforms, too, dialects on which it runs, too.
It seems to me it needs serious detanglement. Get rid of ifs, structure
clenly, change ifs comparing to hardcoded symbols with double dispatch, etc.

Glorp as a project accumulates technical debt because it is an old
framework, which in the last years has received maintenance in its
main trunk but is missing several refactorings and a good
re-architecture of its internals.

Also, since there wasn't an official maintenance of the ports from VW
to other languages, there are many "old" ports still around, some
work, some doesn't, but they add to the confusion. Think of Seaside
being ported several times from Pharo to, let's say, VW, and many of
those ports were abandoned for a long time.

I attach a screenshot from the latest version of Glorp in VisualWorks
8 (the main trunk), it has the same login methods as the Pharo

Yeah, those probably aren't a problem (though, sometime self accessor, sometimes accessor), it's PharoDatabaseAccessor >> encoding which sends the mythical #queryEncoding.

[1] See:

Yeah, thanks, without that book I would be hardly be able to use Glorp at all.


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