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Hey Marten,

I have the same system and I encountered similar issues.

Search your folders of debug logs. Sometimes the launcher expects the image an a different path, or a sources file was unzipped into the wrong folder, or the extracted files of vms or images have the wrong read write access.

I will check my system for changes that I might have done to the system and sent them to you.
In general it should work on Linux Mint. I use it regularly.


Am 15.04.2018 um 12:23 schrieb Marten Feldtmann:
After a long time I wanted to have a look at the current Pharo situation.

I just downloaded the Linux 64bit version of Pharo from the web site:

-> I opened "pharo" (via a double click on the pharo application) and
got a list of possible templates I could load.

-> I selected Pharo 6.1 template, created an image and wanted to start
that image - the initial application disappeared - but nothing happened
after that.

If I start the initial pharo app from a shell by hand and I want to
start the selected image it seems to work.

My system: Linux Mint 18.1, 64 bit

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