On 03/12/2010 03:43 PM, Lukas Kahwe Smith wrote:
Because no decision has been made. Jani is creating facts without
basis. Furthermore normal development is continuing on the branches
we decided to have. Now there is suddenly a 5.4. The point in time
when we branch off a new trunk shouldn't be Jani deciding this
because he is pissed off because there are open OB bugs.

Where the hell did you imagine that one? I'm not pissed at or about anything. We can continue with the status quo for all I care, but don't start deleting other people's work just because you don't like me.

So I am all for getting excited again about moving php forward, but
lets not loose our head over this. Jani has done the first step in
cleaning up his mess. The next step is removing _his_ 5_4 branch. I
do not see this as negotiable and its not about proofing a point. Its
simply not sensible to keep this branch and confuse the hell out of

Yes, lets start deleting random branches. Just rename it if you dislike the name it has now. Sheesh, it's a VCS, not some rock you engrave on and can't change later..


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