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We have discussed this countless of times, it is way passed the point
to get it done - and Jani did - and now you are complaining about it?
Common. Let it go. Lets focus on development then utterly useless
political popularity contest.

If allow one single developer to do such things wihtout any
consequence is considered as political/popularity contest, then I get
everything wrong.

We have been tried since years to get PHP better processes for the
releases or decisions (better does not mean more restriction). There
were things going on to actually solve the trunk problem and move
ahead. Jani knew it and deliberatly did this stupid move to force us
and get the attention on him again (remember when PHP ended on the
Slashdot page because of him?). I think we have to give an end to this
kind of behavior.

Now, some will argue that we do not have rules, but we do. One of it
is called common sense. Commiting untested large changes in the stable
branch breaks the common sense rule. To refuse to revert it even after
numerous requests (including the RM) break another rule. Create a new
release branch "just because I want it" breaks another implicit rule.

Tony created the FPM branch. Go revoke his karma!
Because of PHP and processes we have PHP 6 stalled.
Because of pushing we have 5.3, because there was new stuff but nobody wanted to commit to HEAD. Now, there is new stuff, people want to commit but not to HEAD. Thus, 5.4 is the obvious response.


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