On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 15:38, Lukas Kahwe Smith <m...@pooteeweet.org> wrote:
> imho jani's commit access should be revoked until we have sorted out our 
> release plan for the future, because he has shown that he has no patience to 
> respect other people's opinions

Uh, what?
PHP6 stalled over 2 _years_ ago.
You have very skewed definition "being patience".

Trying to get someones karma revoked because he created a branch is
ridiculous, then you could just as well revoke Tonys karma for
creating the FPM branch and then sending the 'headsup mail'.

> [snip] or of course you can also say that jani is the honest and direct guy 
> and those others are just political schemers.

Its just you and Pierre that are creating the confusion here and
scaring people away from participating by threatening karma removal
and spreading FUD.

The fact of the matter is that nothing happens until someone actually
does the work. Jani is doing the work and making things happen.

We have discussed this countless of times, it is way passed the point
to get it done - and Jani did - and now you are complaining about it?
Common. Let it go. Lets focus on development then utterly useless
political popularity contest.


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