You have my deepest sympathy.

You've  already gotten a useful answer, but as far as your ISP is concerned:

THE ROTTERS!!  They don't have to do ANYTHING to support MySQL except:
         1. Set up an empty database
         2. Assign it a username/password
         and, just possibly
         3. Provide the most elemental of scripts so you can do a bulk 
load, thereby creating your tables.

For that maybe a $50 one-time charge. $50 per month, never!

Publish  their name and shame them!!


Best regards - Miles Thompson

At 05:04 PM 3/12/01 -0500, David W. Fenton wrote:
>I'm very new to PHP, and don't know where to look to answer this
>Is it possible to use a collection of delimited text files with PHP
>instead of a database engine? I'm trying to save $50/month, which is
>what MySQL support costs from my ISP (can't move ISPs).
>The application is a simple form-driven search function, having three
>multi-select listboxes that would be populated from three text files
>as criteria to pull records from a single text file.
>Would such a setup require PERL or the like? And, if so, would it be
>better to build the whole thing in PERL (which I don't know, either)?
>Any pointers to information on the subject gratefully received.
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