Hi PHPers,

OpenLink is pleased to announce the commercial availability of its new
version 4.0
high-performance ODBC Drivers for PHP.

Features Summary:
ODBC 3.5 Compliance
JDBC 2.0 Compliance
Multithreaded Drivers for ODBC and JDBC
Full Scrollable Cursor Model implementation, including Mixed and Dynamic
ODBC-ODBC Bridge for providing third party drivers with OpenLink ODBC & JDBC
ODBC-JDBC Bridge that enables connectivity between ODBC compliant
applications and JDBC Drivers
JDBC-ODBC Bridge that enables connectivity between JDBC compliant
applications and ODBC Drivers

Visit http://www.openlinksw.com/main/softdld.htm  to download a free and non
expiring evaluation copy

Best regards,
Andrew Hill - OpenLink Software
Director Technology Evangelism
eBusiness Infrastructure Technology

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