At 09:29 PM 3/12/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>THE ROTTERS!!  They don't have to do ANYTHING to support MySQL except:
>         1. Set up an empty database
>         2. Assign it a username/password
>         and, just possibly
>         3. Provide the most elemental of scripts so you can do a bulk 
> load, thereby creating your tables.
>For that maybe a $50 one-time charge. $50 per month, never!

Working for an ISP as I do, I take great exception to this post.  The $50 
per month seems rather extravagant (highly depends what you get though) but 
an extra monthly fee in itself is most definitely not ridiculous or 
unwarranted.  Just because you can download the MySQL server for free does 
not mean that maintaining the server is free.

MySQL is essentially a "smart" file system which allows you to offload disk 
usage into the MySQL database (depending on where the tables reside).  If 
their pricing structure is disk space related, you can slide content into 
MySQL without compensating the ISP for it.  For most providers, a separate 
server will need to be setup just for MySQL support.   On top of that, 
MySQL requires a stiff amount of RAM for dealing with larger tables and is 
yet another service which needs to be monitored on an ongoing 
basis.  Servers cost money and have a limited lifespan.  Space, in a 
climatically controlled environment costs money.  Backing up client data 
costs time and money.  As daemon's go it is not horrifically difficult to 
take care of but still, it does take resources and time and expecting this 
service for free is unreasonable.

At most, you can claim that this company is unrealistic in their pricing 
structure but there is no shame in charging for a service that costs real 
money to maintain and support.

IMHO of course.

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