On 12 Mar 01, at 15:30, Phillip Bow wrote:

> It is absolutely possible though for anything big I would spring for
> the db access.  PHP shares a lot of the functionality that makes Perl a
> good tool for this type of job so either language is a good choice. 
> For PHP you will want to check out the f-functions(fopen, fread,
> fwrite), and some of the string manipulation functions(implode,
> explode, and ereg/preg).  Your best bet may be to grab a book that
> covers string manipulation, and file handling(Wrox Professional PHP
> programming does I know) to use as reference. 

So, there's nothing on the web that demonstrates text-file manipulation?

OK. I was hoping for an example somewhere that I could dig into and learn 
from, but if I have to buy a book, well, I'm still trying to figure out 
if PHP is what I want to use or not. I'm much more comfortable with Cold 
Fusion, though no more experienced. CF is much more compatible with what 
I already know and I got the same results with CF in about 1/3 the time 
it took me in PHP. Unfortunately, CF would require a change of ISP, and I 
really don't want to change ISPs (that would be a horrible thing, having 
been with the same ISP since the beginning of 1996).

I don't think I want to spend money on a book for a platform that I may 

Maybe I can negotiate with the ISP (I've done it before in behalf of 

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