Hi tim,

most certainly it can be done on the server side, it juts requires a 
round trip to the server is all....

i think it is ..

if(!isinteger($input_var)): (check the exact function in the php manual)
  echo "this is an error (or whatever), press here to go back and 
correct your inpout";
exit; /* stops the script executing */


At 3:05 PM +1000 5/4/01, boclair wrote:
>I have a problem with a user input in a form required to be an
>integer, creating a variable for a mysql query.
>I have instances where integer, 0, is being typed as letter,o.
>The last discussion of validating the input was
>There it was suggested that the only way to validate the input was
>using javascript.  I have a case where clients have disabled
>I tried fiddling with is_int($input) but of cause it does not serve
>this purpose.
>Does anybody know if such validation can be done server side or
>definitely must be done client side?
>Tim Morris
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