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Subject: RE: [PHP-DB] Forms : Validating user input is integer

> > To gain the full benefit of your suggestion I find that I can
> > for a wrong entry containing  a mix alphabetical and numerical
> > characters  by altering the elseif line to read
> >
> > elseif (!eregi("[0-9]",$num) || eregi("[a-z]",$num))
> >
> > Agreed?
> >
> mmmm yes and no.
> I've done a lot of testing for this and using just the first one has
> let any values of $num through unles they've contained only numbers.
> AFAIK (!eregi("[0-9]",$num) should always return false or 0 or
whatever it
> is unless it contains only numbers.

When I used  only  elseif (!eregi("[0-9]",$num) { }
an input 2i passed the variable 2

> You could also use [^a-zA-Z] for letters you don't want.
> so maybe something like  (!eregi("([0-9]||[^a-zA-Z])",$num))
> not tried so don't rely on that.

correcting some typos this does the job elegantly.  Should read

elseif (!eregi(("[0-9]" || "[^a-zA-Z]"),$num)){  }

> Check out the phpbuilder.com regexp tutorial, I find it a good
> http://www.phpbuilder.com/columns/dario19990616.php3

Have read it and got confused.  Will re-read it with my eyes open.

Thanks for holding my hand.


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