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>I have a problem with a user input in a form required to be an
>integer, creating a variable for a mysql query.

>I have instances where integer, 0, is being typed as letter,o.

>The last discussion of validating the input was

>There it was suggested that the only way to validate the input was
>using javascript.  I have a case where clients have disabled

>I tried fiddling with is_int($input) but of cause it does not serve
>this purpose.

>Does anybody know if such validation can be done server side or
>definitely must be done client side?

You may want to try this PHP form generation and validation class that does
exactly what you need and more.


It does both client and server side validation.  For the client side it
uses the isNaN(parseInt(value)) Javascript functions.  For the server side
it uses the strcmp($value,strval(intval($value))) PHP functions .

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