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| I have a problem with a user input in a form required to be an
| integer, creating a variable for a mysql query.
| I have instances where integer, 0, is being typed as letter,o.
| The last discussion of validating the input was
| http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=php-db&m=97207172003983&w=2
| There it was suggested that the only way to validate the input was
| using javascript.  I have a case where clients have disabled
| javascript.

For those who may be interested here is the server side method using
eregi() as explained by Matt Williams


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>  try  elseif(!eregi("[0-9]",$num))

To gain the full benefit of your suggestion I find that I can validate
for a wrong entry containing  a mix alphabetical and numerical
characters  by altering the elseif line to read

elseif (!eregi("[0-9]",$num) || eregi("[a-z]",$num))

This gives the full script as


if ((@!$submit) || empty($num) )
       echo "<div align='center'><span class='note'>No entry was
    include "get_id.php";
elseif(!eregi("[0-9]",$num) || eregi("[a-z]",$num))
       echo "<div align='center'><span class='note'>Entry error. The
ID should have been a number.</span></div>";
    include "get_id.php";
       include "do_form.php";



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