Ben Udall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
| boclair wrote:
| > I have a problem with a user input in a form required to be an
| > integer, creating a variable for a mysql query.
| >
| > I have instances where integer, 0, is being typed as letter,o.
| > Does anybody know if such validation can be done server side or
| > definitely must be done client side?
| A basic client-server rule is to never trust the client.  You should
| doing all validation on the server side.  Client side validation is
| nice feature, but should be in addition to the sever side checking
| never required.
| Here's the quickest way I know to validate an integer in php:
| if (ereg("^[0-9]+$", $input))
| {
|    // $input is a valid non-negative integer
| }
| or, if negative numbers are valid, use could use this one:
| if (ereg("^-?[0-9]+$", $input))
| {
|    // $input is a valid integer
| }

Once again, thanks.  This validates for an all digit variable.  In
this case the tested script reads

if ((@!$submit) || empty($num) )
       echo "<div align='center'><span class='note'>No entry was
    include "get_id.php";
if (ereg("^[0-9]+$", $input))
       include "do_form.php";
       echo "<div align='center'><span class='note'>The ID should have
been a number.</span></div>";
    include "get_id.php";

Will I ever get on the ball and stay there

Tim Morris

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