>>Where else should someone post something like this?
>NOT cause it's SPAM.

spam (spm)
Unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to 
multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail.

This obviously was not sent to a hundred addresses indiscriminantly and is 
related to the nature of the list.  therefore is not SPAM.

>>I would not
>>be hearing you complain if he said that he was posting the code for free.
>If he would post a message with a new FREE cart.. no you wouldn't. Changes 
>are I would even help him to create docs .. add functions.. give support..
>>BTW all the open source carts out there really suck.  I guess you get 
>>what you
>>pay for.
>There are quite a few very good ones.. but you have to search. I'll give 
>you one hint: look at www.php.net there's a link..
I have searched.  I work for an ecommerce company.  I have looked at the 
market very thoroughly.  The carts suck.  If you
are happy with them then that is fine.  But I know that none of the carts 
out there have anywhere near the functionality that
ours does.  They will get you through if you can't afford anything else, 
but they are not well designed or have what people
store want.  They do not support the number of operating systems that we 
do, and are no where near as easy to install.

>You get what you pay for.. right.. you don't pay for Linux, you don't pay 
>for PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL and many other products your using. Do you 
>believe they suck too????
It is a matter of preference... I think that linux and postgres are really 
cool.  MySQL bites.  :-P  I am not saying that all open source stuff suck,
just the open source php merchants.  My comment was directed at the merchant.

>I believe in opensource since it's the only way you can tweak things 
>enough to fit in your setup or design.. You can add functionality to 
>opensource.. share your code with others who can add more to it..
>And have lots of fun..

Open source is not the only way.  With our merchant you get the source code 
to modify and suit your needs.  Not only that... we maintain and provide
updates.  We do not leave people hanging.  We add features that our 
customers want and we fix the bugs in the code, and
support installs.  Try getting that with opensource.  There are user groups 
and mailing lists, which will try and help you through
but there is nothing that beats, support.  We provide documentation, 
installations, and free support by the people who wrote
the thing in a timely manner.

>I'm not stopping you from buying everything you need.. Go ahead and buy ..
>Remember.. having to pay for something doesn't guarantee the quality.

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