>This obviously was not sent to a hundred addresses indiscriminantly and is 
>related to the nature of the list.  therefore is not SPAM.

I'm still considering it SPAM. Perhaps not by the definition you use but 
it's ment to sell a product..

>else, but they are not well designed or have what people
>store want.  They do not support the number of operating systems that we 
>do, and are no where near as easy to install.

The quality of a cart is not defined by the numbers of operatings it's 
supporting. The cart I'm talking about can be installed within 5 minutes if 
you already know the cart. Otherwise it takes you 15-30 minutes. The old 
docs did suck.. I wrote a new one and started writing a complete howto on 
that particular cart.
Some free products may need additional work. But that goes for commercial 
products too.

>updates.  We do not leave people hanging.

Most opensource products I know don't either.. True, you need to do more 
work on your own.

I think your experience with opensource is different from mine. It's clear 
you're defending yourself, although I don't know why.

I've seen enough products I paid for and still the support sucks.. The free 
usergroups may know more then the paid support does..

A choice for buying a product or using opensource is not always a matter of 
how much you can or want to pay.

IF you know how to write code you could always join with the developers op 
opensource and create a better product. Otherwise you may help them by 
writing docs, test and point them to bugs/errors or just ask for features..



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