>No that is not what I said.  If you go back and read I have been referring 
>to merchants.  I know that the company I work for has outstanding 
>support.  They are an exception.  But if a company doesn't give you what 
>you want go somewhere else.

The only disadvantage: they already got my money. I don't mind to pay for 
something as long as it's really good and better then a free product.

>I find that most open source doesn't have great support either, and a 
>company that charges for something will have more features that I 
>want/need because if not then I will go somewhere else, and they have 
>dedicated people on it.

This depends on the kind of support you expect. I see lots of messages 
here, on the MySQL and on the ProFTPD list saying I want to do this but 
how.. The answer might be read a book or people are pointed to online 
documentation, or just RTFM.
For someone like me, and quite a few others on this list, support the way 
you're company provides it is not needed..

>  Generally the open source side of things has developers who work on it 
> in their spare time.  Which leads to longer delays then commercial.

I don't know if that's true. Opensource has more developers.. if say 10 
people work on a project it might even become available sooner then a 
commercial product..

For most endusers support and easy to use/install are important reasons to 
buy a product..



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