>It is defined by how it can satisfy the needs of a customer.  And I am 
>saying that do it better then any open source product which competes with 
>ours.  You seem to be fixated on the fact that I am attacking the open 
>source movement.  I am not.  What I am doing is comparing the products.

I've seen many opensource carts and most of them don't come close to what I 
want to use.. or what I want my customers to use.

>I can, and sometimes do, however there is nothing wrong with creating 
>something that can fulfill a demand, and charge for it.  Not everything 
>that I do will be charged for, but I also have a little girl that wants to 
>be fed, and the open source movement doesn't supply food yet.

No, there's nothing wrong with earning money..

I think you're not using the right arguments in favor of a paid product 
compared to opensource.. I consider some of them false.. but perhaps the 
company you work for has a much better support..
You should not compare in general.. I can understand why some people prefer 
a commercial product above.. But support is not always the best argument..

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to fight a M$ product.. with it's 'great 



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