At 12:23 PM 4/10/01 +0200, B. van Ouwerkerk wrote:

>>It is defined by how it can satisfy the needs of a customer.  And I am 
>>saying that do it better then any open source product which competes with 
>>ours.  You seem to be fixated on the fact that I am attacking the open 
>>source movement.  I am not.  What I am doing is comparing the products.
>I've seen many opensource carts and most of them don't come close to what 
>I want to use.. or what I want my customers to use.
If you look at paid for sources you will hit closer to the mark.

>I think you're not using the right arguments in favor of a paid product 
>compared to opensource.. I consider some of them false.. but perhaps the 
>company you work for has a much better support..
>You should not compare in general.. I can understand why some people 
>prefer a commercial product above.. But support is not always the best 
No that is not what I said.  If you go back and read I have been referring 
to merchants.  I know that the company I work for has outstanding 
support.  They are an exception.  But if a company doesn't give you what 
you want go somewhere else.  That is the rule of
business.  I find that most open source doesn't have great support either, 
and a company that charges for something will have more features that I 
want/need because if not then I will go somewhere else, and they have 
dedicated people on it.  Generally the open source side of things has 
developers who work on it in their spare time.  Which leads to longer 
delays then commercial.

>Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to fight a M$ product.. with it's 'great 

no one has ever attributed M$ with great support, not many companies 
operate like them... if they do they go out of business.  M$ is where they 
are because of a their money and diversification.


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