Are you doing some kind of recursion and getting stuck or overflowing the

If you create something like:

function Factorial($x)
 if ($x == 1)
  return $x;
  return $x * Factorial($x-1);

You can get into a problem with overflowing the call stack with a
sufficiently high value for $x.

"Nicholas Fitzgerald" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I'm having a heck of a time trying to write a little web crawler for my
> intranet. I've got everything functionally working it seems like, but
> there is a very strange problem I can't nail down. If I put in an entry
> and start the crawler it goes great through the first loop. It gets the
> url, gets the page info, puts it in the database, and then parses all of
> the links out and puts them raw into the database. On the second loop it
> picks up all the new stuff and does the same thing. By the time the
> second loop is completed I'll have just over 300 items in the database.
> On the third loop is where the problem starts. Once it gets into the
> third loop, it starts to slow down a lot. Then, after a while, if I'm
> running from the command line, it'll just go to a command prompt. If I'm
> running in a browser, it returns a "document contains no data" error.
> This is with php 4.3.1 on a win2000 server. Haven't tried it on a linux
> box yet, but I'd rather run it on the windows server since it's bigger
> and has plenty of cpu, memory, and raid space. It's almost like the
> thing is getting confused when it starts to get more than 300 entries in
> the database. Any ideas out there as to what would cause this kind of
> problem?
> Nick

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