I've already looked at all of these, well most of them anyway. The only one's I haven't looked at are the ones that just do real time searches. Nothing of what I've seen is as functional as what I've designed, and for the post part built. Which is why I built it. This spider issue is the only thing that remains to be done. I'm currently using mnoGoSearch on an existing search engine I have, but I had to do a lot of work to get it to A: act like one would expect a search engine to act, and B: integrate into the site the way I wanted it. A lot of it was stuff I shouldn't have had to do. Besides, the spider is slow as hell, and only works on linux, unless I want to pay $100's for the windows version. Not that that's necessarily a problem, but I would like to have that option. The spider I've written, except for this problem I'm having, is much faster on windows than mnoGoSearch is on linux! As soon as I hit the send button here I'm going to be installing on a linux server and see if I have the same problem.


W. D. wrote:

At 01:58 3/14/2003, Nicholas Fitzgerald wrote:

As you guys know I've been going around in circles with this spider app problem for a couple days.

How would you do it?


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