That sounds about right I think. I'm using 4.3.1 so I really am beginning to think it's a bug of some kind. I'm definitely not running into memory problems, this server has 1.5 gig and isn't coming anywhere close to using all of it even when everything on the box is jumping. It's most likely not connection either, but that is something to look closer at. In the mean time I'm going to try that delaying tactic you mentioned and see what kind of results I get. Thanks for the info!


Paul Burney wrote:

on 3/15/03 7:55 PM, Nicholas Fitzgerald at [EMAIL PROTECTED] appended the
following bits to my mbox:

Spider still dies, but now it's finally given me an error: "FATAL:
erealloc(): unable to allocate 11 bytes". This is interesting, as I'm
not using erealloc() anywhere in the script. When I went to to
check it out, all I got was a "memory management" page with this and
some other memory type functions listed.

Those are functions used by the actual PHP developers to communicate with the Zend engine (which itself communicates with the OS/CPU).

You don't call those functions and can't affect them.  This sounds like a
very obscure bug with PHP on windows.  I can't remember if you are running
the latest version of PHP (4.3.1 or 4.3.2 RC 1).  If not, please try it
using that version of PHP to see if you can still reproduce the problem.  If
so, please file a bug report at

A quick search didn't pull up anything related to your issue.  The only
recent entry related to erealloc is for 4.2.3 on Windows:


But it doesn't necessarily seem applicable.  Unless you're running out of
memory?  Or maybe the server can't handle all the connections?  If so, you
could try sleeping for a second every 10 times through the loop, etc, to
slow down the process and maybe keep it from dying.

Hope that helps.


Paul Burney


if ($your_php_version < 4.1.2) {
   upgrade_now();  // to avoid major security problems


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