I would compare the php.ini settings on the 2 systems.

phpinfo() will be able to give you the current stat of the variables PHP is
using. There could be something strange on the Windows system that you'll
notice as different on the Linux box's phpinfo() (hopefully).


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> Well, I've gotten a long way on this, and here's the results up to now:
> On Red Hat 8.0 appache 2.0.40, php 4.22, mysql 3.23.54a
> PII 366 30gig hdd, 256meg mem:
> Everything works flawlessly. Have spidered several HUGE sites. Goes
> fast, goes accurate.
> On windows 2000 sp3, apache 2.0.44, php 4.3.1, mysql 3.23.55 max-nt
> dual PIII 1gig, 160gig raid, 1.5gig mem:
> Spider still dies, but now it's finally given me an error: "FATAL:
> erealloc(): unable to allocate 11 bytes". This is interesting, as I'm
> not using erealloc() anywhere in the script. When I went to php.net to
> check it out, all I got was a "memory management" page with this and
> some other memory type functions listed. No information at all about
> what to do with them, how to use them, where to use them, when to use
> them, or anything. If anyone out there has any info on this function
> and/or the error it gave me please pass it along!
> Nick
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