Actually, that was the first thing I thought of. So I set set_time_limit(0); right at the top of the script. Is it possible there is another setting for this in php.ini that I also need to deal with? I have other scripts running and I don't want to have an unlimited execution time on all of them.


Brent Baisley wrote:

I missed the beginning of this whole thing so excuse me if this has been covered. Have you looked at how much time elapses before it dies? If the same amount of time lapses before it dies, than that's your problem. I don't know what you have your maximum script execution run time set to, but you may need to change that number.

On Thursday, March 13, 2003, at 02:36 PM, Nicholas Fitzgerald wrote:

It only does this in one place, though not necessarily the same place, depending on where I start, then, afterwards, it goes through a few more pages, and that's where it dies. Another thing is, if I start from scratch with a site that has 69 pages in it, it goes right through and indexes it fine without any problems. I have two other sites I'm using for testing, and they both have over 1000 pages. on both of them it dies after putting about 240-250 records in the database, usually right at 244. This is true of both sites, and it happens no matter where I start or how I configure the initial URL.I keep going back to a memory problem with either PHP or MySQL, or could I be looking in the wrong place? Could the problem be with Apache?

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