Am Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2003 23:21 schrieb Ruprecht Helms:
> Hi,
> in the meantime I set the value of register_globals = off
> the next to on.
> I get the same result. The following script I use for testing the
> formfieldvalues
> <?
> echo $begriff
> ?>
As I said before, this the wrong way. You should leave register_globals=off 
and acces your data this way:
echo $_POST['begriff'];
Your second mistake was to forget the ";" and the end of the "echo"-line
> The value I take from a normal formfield by the default transfermethod.
What the heck do you mean with default. You should always set:
<form action=\"foo.php?op=bar\" method=\"POST\">
or mybe with method=\"GET\" and access it with $_GET
> After switching to the php-script I get a blank page without the value I
> inserted into the textfield.
No wonder;-)


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