At 02:19 PM 6/20/2003 +0200, Thorsten Körner wrote:

"This will run, and I think almost without problems. But IMHO it makes no
sense. And I don't know, if all the searchengines out there will be able or
willing to read *.php files (google works fine)."

Are you saying that some search engines might not register pages with php extensions? That would be a MAJOR problem.

"You should know that renaming all that files is not all, you have to do. you
have also to change every single link in your pages, that points to your
pages. I don't know how large your project is, but it can be much work, and
if you do not add lines of PHP-Code to that pages, you can save much time by
not doing so."

Hmmmmm... it would be nice if I could use a search and replace function, but that would be tricky. If I replaced every instance of .htm"> with .php">, then that would also change links to other websites. For example...

<a href="htttp://"> would become <a href="";>

I wonder if there's an advanced search and replace technique that would target only internal links on my website. On the other hand, I am doing an extensive overhaul that will require recoding on every single page, so maybe I could just manually change the links as well.

Thanks for the tips. The comment about the search engines is especially interesting (or alarming). I'll have to give this some more thought if .php links might affect my site's visibility in search engines. Do you know if the same applies to .asp and ColdFusion?

"BTW. It is not a good idea to start a new thread by replying to an old one."

I wasn't aware that I did.

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