You can easily add the .php extension to any .htm(l) page that you have
with no worries as long as you have PHP installed and configured

The only "problem" is that page load will be SLIGHTLY slower since PHP
will search all .php pages for PHP code to evaluate. Upon finding none,
it will simply return the HTML to the requester. But note that this is a
tiny bit longer than your web server just serving the page without
passing it through PHP.

Naming all files "index.XXX" will be a good idea. Though realize that
some people might link directly to the file itself (which can sometimes
become visible with different browsers and different activities). But
none-the-less, it will work for most users if they do decide to bookmark
the folder.


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Subject: [PHP-DB] Renaming all pages to .php

I'd like to get some feedback from this forum. Do you agree that a page 
without php functions or server side includes can be put online with
a .htm or .php function? If I never add a php function to a page with a 
.php extension, could that cause some kind of problems?

Also, I'm thinking of naming all my pages "index" and sticking them
folders. That way, visitors can reach a page by typing in , whether the full URL is or  Is
this a 
good plan, or do you see any problems?


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