I've heard of a Apache server setting or update that makes for example:

.com/shoes.html returns page /index.php?site=shoes
.com/shoes.html returns page /shoes.php

Just like you have virtual folders you can have wildcard serach and replaced virtual 
file names. 
I believe this would solve your problem below and knowing this would make my PHP 
driven site
appear to be a collection of html pages.

Does anyone know how to do this or what it is called so I can research it?

--- David Blomstrom <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> At 02:19 PM 6/20/2003 +0200, Thorsten Körner wrote:
> >"This will run, and I think almost without problems. But IMHO it makes no
> >sense. And I don't know, if all the searchengines out there will be able or
> >willing to read *.php files (google works fine)."
> Are you saying that some search engines might not register pages with php 
> extensions? That would be a MAJOR problem.
> >"You should know that renaming all that files is not all, you have to do. you
> >have also to change every single link in your pages, that points to your
> >pages. I don't know how large your project is, but it can be much work, and
> >if you do not add lines of PHP-Code to that pages, you can save much time by
> >not doing so."
> Hmmmmm... it would be nice if I could use a search and replace function, 
> but that would be tricky. If I replaced every instance of .htm"> with 
> .php">, then that would also change links to other websites. For example...
> <a href="htttp://www.50states.com/history.htm"> would become <a 
> href="http://www.50states.com/history.php";>
> I wonder if there's an advanced search and replace technique that would 
> target only internal links on my website. On the other hand, I am doing an 
> extensive overhaul that will require recoding on every single page, so 
> maybe I could just manually change the links as well.
> Thanks for the tips. The comment about the search engines is especially 
> interesting (or alarming). I'll have to give this some more thought if .php 
> links might affect my site's visibility in search engines. Do you know if 
> the same applies to .asp and ColdFusion?
> >"BTW. It is not a good idea to start a new thread by replying to an old one."
> I wasn't aware that I did.
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