> I'd like to get some feedback from this forum. Do you agree that a page 
> without php functions or server side includes can be put online with either 
> a .htm or .php function? If I never add a php function to a page with a 
> .php extension, could that cause some kind of problems?

it won't cause any problems.  you'll have the very small overhead of
having to run every static page through php's parser, but if you're
going to have php in these pages in the future it doesn't really

> Also, I'm thinking of naming all my pages "index" and sticking them inside 
> folders. That way, visitors can reach a page by typing in 
> www.geobop.com/birds/ , whether the full URL is 
> www.geobop.com/birds/index.htm or www.geobop.com/birds/index.php  Is this a 
> good plan, or do you see any problems?

again, no problems.  just make sure your web server is setup to
search for index.php as a directory index page.


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