I joined this list a few weeks ago because I wanted to learn about php. Unfortunately, I still haven't found time to study it in any depth. Thus, my question might be a bit amateurish, but it's fairly urgent, so I'd appreciate any feedback anyone cares to offer.

I'm working on a new website that I need to get online by the end of this month. I had wanted to do some stuff with php on it, but there's no way I can learn php and apply it before the July 1 deadline. No problem - I'll just add the php later.

The catch is that my pages will be registered in search engines with URLs ending in .htm, something I'll have to address when I switch to php.

Then I saw a discussion on another forum about a guy who was planning on changing all the .htm extensions on his webpages to .php, whether those pages use php or not. The general consensus was that that the pages would work just fine even without php, and they'd be all set up if and when he got around to adding php.

I'd like to get some feedback from this forum. Do you agree that a page without php functions or server side includes can be put online with either a .htm or .php function? If I never add a php function to a page with a .php extension, could that cause some kind of problems?

Also, I'm thinking of naming all my pages "index" and sticking them inside folders. That way, visitors can reach a page by typing in www.geobop.com/birds/ , whether the full URL is www.geobop.com/birds/index.htm or www.geobop.com/birds/index.php Is this a good plan, or do you see any problems?


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