Well, let's start fire =8)

I think the compression extensions should follow the same standard.
The one you proposed for bzip2 should be applied to gzip functions as well.
readgzfile -> gz_readfile (or gzreadfile), at least to keep functions names 
in alphabetical order ;-)

Also, I know the gd extension follows the library API, but names are really 
long and would benefit from being prefixed with img_ or gd_, img_ being my 
favorite because one usually use $img = imagecreate... and not $gd = 
imagecreate... But gd_ is more standard compliant as it takes the extension 
Indeed, this extension doesn't follow the naming convention 
(imagecolorallocate should look more like gd_allocate_color)

Concerning the database extensions, I noticed that there are both 
[db]_fieldtype and [db]_field_type for some of them.
I assume that the shorter one is to be an alias to the longer one and that 
only the longer one would be documented.
Concerning DB especially, shouldn't dblist be renamed dbmlist to keep 
consistent with its own family, if not underscored ?
OCI and DB are the only database extensions without underscores.

Although Andi's suggestion is not to bother with consistent extensions, it 
is probably a good idea to keep extensions "families" consistent altogether.
So, oci* functions would also gain an underscore.

getallheaders... Two changes instead of one, but for better compliance... 
get_all_headers... Too much overhead ?

Maybe DOMXML and GETTEXT functions would benefit from a complete lifting ;-)

EXIF : read_exif_data -> exif_read_data

gmp_clrbit -> gmp_clr_bit ? Hmmm... gmp_clear_bit ?
The gmp_ functions look odd... You have gmp_gcdext, gmp_sqrt, gmp_powm then 
I don't have a solution for that. =8(

In HYPERWAVE functions you have hw_connection_info then hw_deleteobject... 
One of those looks wrong.
hw_errormsg -> hw_errmsg (to keep consistent with all other errmsg 
functions around).

Output buffering handlers should remain consistent such as ob_[handler 
type]_handler (see ob_gzhandler -> ob_gz_handler)

I didn't quite follow the thread for the last two weeks and my intervention 
may seem to be a step back from there. Just my 2cts.

>phpversion -> phpversion

*** you meant php_version =8)


*** Yes, error_user would be offensive ;-)


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