Andi wrote:

I don't have any complaints or helpful comments on what was above this.

> 3) Why change the imap ones to not include underscores? Looks as if you
> the reverse here :)

Removing the underscores was the choice that meant the least amount of
change for the extension. :)

> 4) If we decide to keep the socket functions like their C counterparts
> I'd change the following two on your list:
> getsockname -> socket_getsockname() and not socket_get_name()
> getsockopt -> socket_getsockopt() and not socket_get_opt()


> 5) I think define() and defined() are OK as they are on the language
> 6) I think create_function() is OK. There was a long thread which decided
> upon this name. Same for function_exists().



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