Andi wrote:

> Yep. Let's start doing some damage. bzip2 is a very good victim.

bzclose      -> bz_close
bzcompress   -> bz_compress
bzdecompress -> bz_decompress
bzerrno      -> bz_errno
bzerror      -> bz_error
bzerrstr     -> bz_errstr
bzflush      -> bz_flush
bzopen       -> bz_open
bzread       -> bz_read
bzwrite      -> bz_write

Can anyone see a problem with the proposed name changes?

Do we need to do anything (other than warn people about the changes to the
extension) for this particular case?

>> Good point - perhaps a better solution would be to have compression
>> library that uses switches to choose between bzip and gzip?  It would
>> be easy to bolt on other compression methods without having to do
>> much additional documentation, etc...
> You could write a PEAR script for this but I don't think it has
> anything to do with our current discussion :)

True enough. Move along, nothing to see here... ;)

>>>> EXIF
>>>> read_exif_data
>>> >
>>> exif_read_data?
>>Yep - we should fix this...

As changes are proposed and accepted, we should keep track of them.  I
will keep a list of what is going on so that we don't have to
continually dig through the archives.

>>>> GMP (not in manual yet)
>>>> gmp_abs
>>>> gmp_add
>>>> gmp_and
>>>> gmp_clrbit -> gmp_clr_bit ?
>>> this_seems_a_little_long_gmp_clrbit_i_think_might_be_better.
>> I prefer Andi's gmp_clear_bit
> hmm, so do I. Strange.... :)

and it isn't even a full moon! ;)


>>>> zzip_close
>>>> zzip_closedir -> zzip_close_dir
>>> no.
>>> closedir() --> zzip_closedir()
>>> I'd prefer to keep it close to the php name.
>> Hrm... I prefer to separate things that most people percieve as being
>> two words... but if I could waffle on (close|open)log, I can waffle
>> on this. :)
> I don't think we need to be caught in the C API loop all the time. I
> think if we'd start today without knowing libc we would call it
> zzip_open_dir() or something like that. The underscore makes more
> sense. As it is a new extension I think we could go with that
> underscore. PHP abstracts C API's and doesn't necessarily have to be
> the exact same thing as C.

Anyone else?


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