At 12:14 22/3/2001, Ron Chmara wrote:
>1. Adding new/experimental extensions _can_ invisibly bug the rest of a
>build, if they require such nastiness as the recent pthread debugging.
>It's not only a minor configure issue when a built app breaks due to library
>issues, because extensions can be linked in conflicting ways. It does
>happen, it has happened.... in rather annoying, small ways (see mod_ssl
>vs. mysql client and -lpthread linking issues.). These bugs suck, but
>they do happen, because extensions are not ever totally isolated if they
>are running on the same system, and linking to something else.

A new module that *is not enabled* would have to go through a lot of 
efforts in order to break the build.  Of course, if you enable it, you're 
on your own, much like you're on your own with any experimental 
module.  The risk of breaking *the stable* PHP parts is negligible.  Right 
now, we knowingly ship PHP with large code portions which are not 
stable.  We consider this ok, because these modules are considered 
experimental.  Until this approach is changed, there's really no difference 
between adding new experimental modules during the RC process, or before 
it.  That's why they're *modules*, and why PHP's modular.

Everything else you said is fine, except it doesn't really apply to the 
issue at hand.


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