> >An easily reproducable segfault in a common PHP extension is a serious
> >issue which could lead to potential security breaches and thus lots of bad
> >mojo from nasty bugtraq postings.  If we know about such a segfault and we
> >have a fix and go ahead and release a "stable" package without this fix
> >then our entire QA process is a joke.  If we find such bugs before a
> >release, we fix them.  That's what the process is for.
> Have you checked the bug database lately?
> There are 43 open reports with bug type 'Reproducible crash'.
> There are actually even more of them. I can easily reproduce
> at least 10 bugs which cause segfaults. Those haven't been fixed yet.
> Those haven't been fixed for a couple of releases now.
> So, with your logic, we shouldn't release before all of them are fixed?

You ignored what I said, "If we know about such a segfault and we have a fix"

And yes, if you can actually easily reproduce a segfault in a mainstream
module right now, then we have a showstopper and we hold until it is
fixed.  Please provide specifics.  Most of the ones I have looked at are
platform and library version specific and either not easily reproducible
nor common.

> The QA process as it is IS a joke. Without the support from the developers
> there aren't any possible ways that it can ever succeed.
> It isn't the QA people who fix bugs. They just test and report to developers
> who should FIX those bugs. Some core developers seem to have forget this..

QA is there to assure quality, not push out releases at all costs.
Pushing out a release without this imap fix would produce lower quality
rather than higher.  That should be the first priority of QA.

> What I would like to see now is a code freeze so that people would have
> to start fixing bugs instead of creating new features. Otherwise this
> really is a neverending circle. But this will never happen, I guess.
> Could we vote for this? :)

You are getting way off topic here.  You objected to a segfault fix being
merged into the release branch and thus slowing down the process.  This
was not a new feature.  For the most part no new features have gone into
the release branch.

> I know it's more fun to create something new. But at least for
> me it's a matter of honour that my code works as it's intented to..you
> seem to disagree.

Not at all.


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