> The QA process as it is IS a joke. Without the support from the developers
> there aren't any possible ways that it can ever succeed.
> It isn't the QA people who fix bugs. They just test and report to
> developers
> who should FIX those bugs. Some core developers seem to have forget this..

I can agree more the amount of times I have approached developers to say
please fix this or what is the best way to get this fixed and just either
1) been ignored
2) told it doesnt matter
3) Told to fix it myself
4) In one extreme case (Ill leave the developer nameless) told its the users
problem and
   not his.. he just writes the code doesnt make sure its bugless

Now by no means all of the developers are guility of this but it seems I
keep bugging those developers to get fixes which is unfair as its not always
their extension. Shouldnt being an extension maintainer mean fixing bugs
reported by the QA Team promptly? Rasmus you may say people here are
voulenteers but by becoming in the project and being a maintainer they
should be expected to fix bugs when asked. If they dont they loose their
status as maintainer and we find someone else (unless they are away on
holiday or somthing like that).

I promise you that QA'ing isnt fun but when you eventually get to the bottom
of a bug and can reproduce it well then a developer turns around and says
nothing or its not my problem its really demoralising and you just end up
thinking whats the point..

Somthing needs to be done and without a change of attitude from some of the
developers it is pointless the QA Team being in existance.

- James

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