> I can agree more the amount of times I have approached developers to say
> please fix this or what is the best way to get this fixed and just either
> 1) been ignored
> 2) told it doesnt matter
> 3) Told to fix it myself
> 4) In one extreme case (Ill leave the developer nameless) told its the users
> problem and
>    not his.. he just writes the code doesnt make sure its bugless
> Now by no means all of the developers are guility of this but it seems I
> keep bugging those developers to get fixes which is unfair as its not always
> their extension. Shouldnt being an extension maintainer mean fixing bugs
> reported by the QA Team promptly? Rasmus you may say people here are
> voulenteers but by becoming in the project and being a maintainer they
> should be expected to fix bugs when asked. If they dont they loose their
> status as maintainer and we find someone else (unless they are away on
> holiday or somthing like that).

You can't force people to do anything they don't feel like doing.  It is
as simple as that.  No amount of posturing from me or anybody is going to
make a developer fix something he doesn't feel like fixing.  Taking away
maintainer status isn't going to do anything other than give us one less
resource to go to to try to fix issues.  Anybody listed as the author of
an extension is a maintainer for that extension to some extent.  And
anybody who wishes to step up and fix stuff is instantly a maintainer as

As far as I am concerned the QA team should be testing and identifying
bugs in the release candidates and tagging things as either showstopper or
"that-can-wait" type of bugs.  If nobody steps up to fix a showstopper
bug, then there will be no release.  Eventually enough developers will get
annoyed at that and step up and fix that bug, but a showstopper is a
showstopper, hence the term.

You guys have done a great job going through the bug database and letting
the developers cut straight to the real problems instead of wasting time
trying to figure out what a report is actually trying to say.

There will always be disagreement on what is a showstopper bug and what
isn't.  In this case Chuck said it was a showstopper.  Few people know
more about the imap extension than Chuck, so I don't see why his decision
should be vetoed by QA or anybody.  If any significant developer steps up
and identifies a showstopper and provides a fix that needs to be


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