At 22:10 24/6/2001, Jani Taskinen wrote:
>So this is broken now only on *nix? Nice.
>Previously it worked only on unices, now it works only on win32?
>What an improvement.

Let's keep cynicism off this list, please...

About the socket extension - this was discussed, and agreed upon that the 
way it worked was *wrong* and against the PHP spirit.  The fact it was also 
tagged as experimental makes it easier for us to change the API to a 
PHP-like API, even though it would have probably been the right thing to do 
even if it didn't have the experimental tag.

This does not come to say that it's ok that it's now broken under UNIX, or 
how the change was done (I don't remember so I won't comment about it).  It 
does come to say that the general change was a good idea.


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