At 22:02 9/7/2001, Sascha Schumann wrote:
> > BTW, I've had several beers offered me so far by several guys on this list,
> > who are too afraid to publicly state their minds, but feel exactly the way
> > I do about Sascha's behavior.
>     Publicly stating something to that effect won't solve it.
>     They should contact me privately to resolve such issues.

Well, I can't say I would recommend them to do that, because it never 
appeared to be of any use for me, and you know I did try.  You should 
realize that the way you talk to people usually leaves no room for 
interpretation (again, unless one chooses to ignore the obvious), and 
scares people so much (after all, you are a member of the 'PHP Group'!) 
that they don't even have the guts, or will, to mail you.

> > I am indeed leaving no room for interpretation, because I want to be
> > completely clear.  I'd argue that Sascha also doesn't leave any room for
> > interpretation, unless you choose to ignore the obvious.  The big
> > difference is that in my case, it took a couple of years until I 'snapped',
> > and Sascha tends to do it on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis.
>     That is a gross exaggeration.

What kind of figure would be suitable, then? :)  It obviously changes with 
time, but would bi-monthly be a fair average?  Once a quarter?

Sascha - this should not happen at all.  Rasmus pointed out I may have 
fended off a couple of developers in the past?  Could be, and if it 
happened, I'm sorry it did, and I know very well I've changed a lot since 
then (yes, despite the fact I'm publicly 'attacking' you - we both know, as 
you once told me, that you're immune to this sort of stuff).


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