At 21:38 9/7/2001, Thies C. Arntzen wrote:
>     as long as the (perception of the) Zend License stopps him
>     from submitting it to the ZendEngine he has no other choice
>     than to put it somewhere where he feels comfortable with it.

Yes, but if he puts it in PHP, it also has to be comfortable with other 
people.  I'm pretty uncomfortable with this structural mess.

>     besides that i can actually think of one or two usages for
>     a scanner in PHP which is not QPL. for exacle that reason the
>     your DOMXML sample is void - if we had a better DOMXML under
>     the same license we would use the better one.

Can you share your thoughts as to how exactly GPL scanner built into PHP in 
an odd way would improve your world for the better?  Remember, the scanner 
is already there, you can use it if you think it's useful.  We're arguing 
on whether it should be plugged into PHP in a backwards way or not.


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