At 22:19 9/7/2001, John Donagher wrote:
>This seems rather subjective. Also, if the Zend license will be modified (and,
>to everyone on this list, that is still an _if_), can't we revert back to the
>former, non-abstracted structure?

It's not very subjective.  Like Andi said, there's not a single 
compiler/language in the world that has several scanners that scan the same 
input.  I guess that perhaps not wanting to do something backwards is 
subjective, but it's still something I strive for.

I think that at a given point, there should be just one scanner in PHP, and 
that scanner belongs in the engine, from all technical perspectives.  If 
Sascha doesn't feel he can do it right now, he can either wait and provide 
it separately for now or have somebody else do it (it is the product of 
roughly 2 days of porting an existing rule-set from flex to re2c, after 
all, not 2 man years).  I'd rather write the scanner up myself than pop an 
eye on PHP's leg.


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