> I've been discussing the Zend Engine license with the 'leaders' of the
> German PHP community on Thursday, and with members of the community and the
> PHP Group on Friday.  As mentioned there, the Zend Engine license is being
> reviewed, and may change in the next few months.  Especially in the light
> of this, I see Sascha's changes as making even less sense than what they
> would have made before, and that wasn't too much to begin
> with.  Abstracting the scanner buys you *nothing* from a technical point of
> view.

Sure, but we have non-technical barriers here.  Since you *may* change the
license at some point in the future, what do you propose we do with
Sascha's code which is here today?  (and no, I am not being argumentative
here.  I am looking for a practical solution)


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