At 21:43 9/7/2001, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> > I've been discussing the Zend Engine license with the 'leaders' of the
> > German PHP community on Thursday, and with members of the community and the
> > PHP Group on Friday.  As mentioned there, the Zend Engine license is being
> > reviewed, and may change in the next few months.  Especially in the light
> > of this, I see Sascha's changes as making even less sense than what they
> > would have made before, and that wasn't too much to begin
> > with.  Abstracting the scanner buys you *nothing* from a technical point of
> > view.
>Sure, but we have non-technical barriers here.  Since you *may* change the
>license at some point in the future, what do you propose we do with
>Sascha's code which is here today?  (and no, I am not being argumentative
>here.  I am looking for a practical solution)

Keep it as a patch on his site, linked from the relevant places (e.g. the 
thttpd module).  He can even do it as a direct replacement to the flex 
scanner - he has my word (and Andi's) that we won't come after him or 
anything, but trust may not be too high right now.
Remember that while this is an impressive improvement, it's not all that 
useful in the vast majority of cases (it's especially useful with Apache 2.0).


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