Why not have an abstraction? It would seem this would allow scanners with
different licenses to co-exist, and more to the point there's an immediate
technical win here, with code already written.

Looking over the patch it appears that this wouldn't effect most people
unless they
--disable-zend-scanner explicitly?

Perhaps I'm missing what the abstraction breaks in the current php? The eye
on the foot analogy is confusing. What does the abstraction limit
technically? (obviously an eye on a foot means you can't walk on the foot,
but I'm having trouble following how this relates to php)?

"Zeev Suraski" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> We're dealing with a very real-world situation here, in which a piece of
> software that does *exactly* the same thing is now available.

If they do the same thing with different methods, isn't that where you -DO-
want to abstract?

Feel free to ignore this, or clarify off list. I feel like I'm missing
something key here...


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