I mainly just archive this list and scan it at intervals,
but someone drew my attention to this thread.  I am not a
member of the PHP Group, and barely a contributor to PHP,
but I *do* have some experience in working in groups like
this, and *lots* of experience in being abrasive.  So I am
going to pitch in my .5euro and people can like it, lump it,
flame me, or whatever.

First, everyone should step back, take a deep breath,
consider whether the adrenaline level is healthy, and
think about how big a part of their LIVES (you know, with
significant others, family, pets, careers, ..) this is
and ought to be.

Next, consider that exchanges in email have a tendency to
escalate like an uncontrolled fission situation in twenty
kilos of U235.  Unlike in face-to-face confrontations, whilst
you are considering and writing your incensed reply, the
other party is unable to offer rebuttals, and there is no
body language component.  In essence, each takes turns up
on a soapbox, and whomever is not on the soapbox at the moment
gets to fume and experiment with hypertension, and a common
result is an explosive release of that tension and bile when
s/he gets to mount the box.  In other words, it is NOT a
natural discourse.  Allowances should be made.

Now, to my personal (and probably flameworthy) impressions.
I read this entire thread out of the blue, with no history
of nor opinion about the technical issues involved.

First, Zeev: I consider you to be 'way off base here. Regardless
of what has gone before, pointing out (what you consider to be)
someone else's inadequacies does not obviate your own.  Do
you admit that your posts are nothing but your opinion and may
not be reflective of reality?  No, you challenge others to
consider that you 'might be right for once.'  Why?  Do you think
people consistently think you are *not* right?  If so, why
might that be?  You come across as though you are omniscient;
do you say 'IMHO, having another scanner is stupid'?  No, you
say 'having another scanner is stupid, and if you think about it
you will see that I am right'.  Boy, that would sure rub me the
wrong way!  One of the fundamental forces behind open development
is the 'scratch an itch' aspect.  Sascha apparently has an itch,
has been waiting for something you apparently said you were going
to do to come along and scratch it, but has given up and scratched
it himself.  It is NOT for you, nor anyone else, to say that he
should not do so.  No-one here is entitled to speak in absolutes,
only opinions.

Next, Sascha: I think the offended dignity pose is
counterproductive.  If you think people's accusations
about you are inaccurate, say so -- do NOT counter'attack'.
Address them rationally, and maybe consider that they may be
right to whatever extent.  We none of us can be completely
objective about ourselves, and certainly we cannot tell someone
that his/her subjective opinion of us is mistaken.  All we can
do is evaluate criticism (hopefully constructive, but that
seems to be vanishingly small content in this thread!) with
an open mind, and either acknowledge it as possibly being accurate,
or else propose our own perceptions of the meaning of the
same data.  I personally have been irritated by postings by
just about everyone, you included, but I generally swallow it
because the technical merits outweigh my subjective perception.

Both of you: I suggest that you back off and apologise.  Ad
hominem attacks are generally not productive.  Make constructive
criticism.  Zeev, perhaps if you explain *why* an abstraction is
stupid, rather than loftily saying it is IOTTMCO (intuitively obvious
to the most casual observer), Sascha and others will agree with
you.  Or perhaps they will point out flaws in your argument.
Sascha, consider and carefully review the remarks about your
attitude.  You may not agree with them, but *something* has
led to this pass, and you need to accept that and either see
about addressing the cause or else publicly acknowledge that
you are sorry but 'it is what it is' and you cannot or will not
change.  And in your turn explain why you think an abstraction
*is* a good idea.

I regard both of you as incredibly technically talented, and
value your contributions.  Can we please find a quieter means
of productive coexistence, even if mutual loathing is required?

Okey, everyone can flame me, he-who-butts-in-uninvited, now.
#ken    P-)}

Ken Coar, Sanagendamgagwedweinini  http://Golux.Com/coar/
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