Hi Rasmus

I am not sure why you are not being able to view the dev site.

Why should you pick me over the other CMS's is not my decision, obviously,
it is yours.

The fact that you pointed out more than one CMF is my point exactly. There
needs to be one standard PHP CMF that is object oriented. There isn't twenty
CMF's on Zope. Instead there is one CMF and twenty products that developers
build for the CMF that can be dropped into it seamlessly.

That is exactly what my point of what cmf.php.net would provide to PHP
developers. A centralized standardized PHP CMF that can easily be built
upon. When I say "built upon" I do not mean "add ons" I mean an entirely new
CMS based on the XPC CMF.

Frameworks are independent (different than) from CMSs (Content Management
Systems). A CMS is a "product" of a CMF. So is a Web Portal, Intranet,
Extranet, or a web hosting application.

Having large numbers of disjointed CMF projects does not impress me. If
anything it frustrates me as a developer interested in building PHP
applications. That is exactly why I built XPC.

As a corporate IA in NYC I have worked on and with many large commercial CMF
software products. Such as ATG by dynamo, Vignette, TeamSite by Interwoven
and the Zeo server from Zope.

All I can say is that all of the CMS systems you noted aren't that
impressive compared to the application servers I have stated above.

Below are the problems with current PHP applications that I have worked on
in XPC to solve.

The zealous reliance on MySQL for data storage. XPC has an option to use
static databases (XML) for content data storage.
One of the biggest problems is the use of Query strings in PHP products.
Large systems like Midgard need root server access.
Most of the noted applications (products) are stand alone. They cannot be
integrated into each other easily.

The point of having one cmf.php.net is the same reason why there is one
cmf.zope.org to centralize and standardize an abstracted open platform that
can easily be used, manipulated and built upon. That is something PHP does
not have. PHP is very disjointed and all over the place. I think the
frustration of many PHP users and developers is the lack of centralized
software building based on PHP.

I hope you understand what my point for cmf.php.net is now.



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> > Is my grammar the problem or the email format (it is set to plain text
> > Western European (ISO) encoding in outlook express)?
> Everything was quoted after >'s and your line lengths were well above the
> normal 72 characters.
> > You can see a working example of the XPC CMF at http://dev.4arrow.com
> None of the links there seem to do anything.  They just link back to
> dev.4arrow.com or more precisely
> http://free-eservices.com/inc/js/sites/free-eservices.com/site.js
> if I click on http://free-eservices.com
> > cmf.php.net would provide a object oriented content management framework
> > that is very similar to http://cmf.zope.org
> There are probably a dozen CMF systems for PHP.  Why should yours be
> cmf.php.net?  My tendency has always to avoid favouring any one project
> over any others.
> > The cmf.php.net would provide a pre-built framework that can be
> > into any PHP enabled Apache web server that can be used for easy portal
> > building, collaborative communities and the like.
> Right, sort of like:
> http://www.midgard-project.org
> http://phpnuke.org
> http://www.codepoet.de
> http://mysource.squiz.net
> http://pecos.screwdriver.net
> http://phpreactor.org
> http://php-j00k.w30wnzj00.com/
> http://www.pslash.com
> http://mcyra.homeip.net/homepage/phpcms/
> http://phpwebsite.appstate.edu
> http://phpweblog.org
> http://www.hklc.com/midgard_manual
> http://www.miro.com.au
> http://www.dotvoid.com/firesite.php
> http://www.muze.nl/software/ariadne/
> http://faqforge.serialhacker.net
> http://www.fazlamesai.net/basit/eng/
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/darkportal/
> http://drop.org/module.php?mod=drupal
> http://pcrochat.online.fr/webus/programs/easysite/
> http://www.xmlhead.com/index.php/xmlhead_eutychus
> http://www.thetuckshop.com/spincms/
> Every single one of those projects could be dropped into cmf.php.net and
> with a bit of tweaking do what you are talking about.  What makes yours
> special?
> > Using the framework eventually other "products" can be dropped into the
> > folder, be turned on or off, and given very specific properties via the
> > interface just like in Zope.
> Sure, at least a couple of the above projects do the exact same thing.
> Have a look at Midgard.
> > Features include:
> > ACL group user access.
> > Reuse of abstracted code.
> > Multiple file formats.
> > No query strings.
> > Client and server requests (like XML-RPC).
> > Unlimited domains with unique content running off of the same cmf
> > (IP address in specific web serving folder).
> >
> > Please let me know if there is still a problem with my message's
> I'm sorry, I still don't understand why we should single you out here and
> give you cmf.php.net.
> -Rasmus

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