> > Ive written one or two before, mainly for the release process (I think
> > in CVS under README.realease_process or somthing like that). Id suggest
> > people just get on and write them and post them to php-dev where people
> > generally read them and make comments. I dont see what there is to
> > Jeroen.
> There should IMO be a more generalized way for this, indeed, it was my
> to put RFC's in cvs. But no in the php4 module, but in a separate.
> Main point is that discussions on phpdev die out quite quickly, and you
> can't say then it's decided. And you can't put each proposal in php4 cvs
> either, release proces is not about PHP itself, but about the proces
> it, and it is always 'current', since realeases keep coming out...
> Anyway, Zak wrote that, not me. So CC'ing to him.

Just poit them to php-dev and keep bringing it up until there is some decent
comment on it, at the moment there is no democratic process in PHP, people
just do what they want and someone normally knows some part of PHP better
than anyother, IE if you have a sessions thing speak to sascha (via
PHP-DEV), a COM thing speak to Frank, Daniel and Zeev via PHP-DEV, an object
thing speak to Andrei, Zeev and Andi etc... RFC's are a good idea but as
soon as they are posted to php-dev they are in the archives and it will be a
big pain in the arse putting them in CVS due to the karma thing and people
who dont have cvs access. php-dev is there so use it, yes we should
formalise some of the more important discussions but it should all take
place on php-dev.

- James

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